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Dec 27, 2007 at 11:01 AM

Warrenty Cycle


Dear SAP Gurus,

I just want to know how does the warrenty cycle in SAP works, so please provide me the steps to execute in the following senario.

I have an equipment which has a 1 year warrenty and a 1000 units of counter reading (vendor/manufacturer warrenty). I am doing a repair to the equipment when both the warrenty conditions are intact. (counter reading 550 and before 1 year from purchase). I need to know the follwoing,

1) When I enter a PM order for the repair does the warrenty automatically linked to the Order.

2) If only the materials are covered from the warrenty (not labour or external serveics) how to handle the situation?

3) If I want to do the order with out linking the warrenty how to handle?

4)After perfroming the warrenty linked order how to claim the warrenty (please provide the steps).

Please provide me all the steps as I'm new to warrenty handeling process and need to learn it faster as well.