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Where to find Question (Not Approved by Moderator) in New version of SCN?

Dear SCN Team & Moderators,

I have a very basic question:

Once I post a question on the new SCN forum,where Can I find it before it's being reviewed by modertaor and Published globally for others to view.

Unfortuanlty I cannot see anything after I raised my question and hence I am getting a felling it did not get post and somehow draft is I am tempted to create same question over and over again.

I understand moderators will approve it from time to time but there should be something to track your DRAFT submissions in the User activities.(It's like seeing your LEAVEs in Approval process even before its approved but you know what you have submitted & may want to recall it soon).

Also When I posted question I clicked on something called "FOLLOW POST",so ideally it should show under followed posts,but nothing appears there.

I am really missing OLD SCN which I used for 10 years but having said that I think gradualy we will get used to this one as well.



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  • Hello Vishal,

    I changed the tag of your question to "Using", because that is the tag for support on the new platform and bug reports related to it.

    But I'm a bit confused, because as far as I know there was no way to see threads, that were under moderation, on the old SCN. This would be a new feature here then.



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    Oct 18, 2016 at 01:43 PM


    To help you with your matter, the maximum what you can do is go through your Browser History. I am pretty sure that you will remember that content/Question thread name you were trying to post(only if you have posted the question), other than no-other way right at this moment. The thing is in new SCN a lot of things removed & a lot of features included, so if you feel any-thing about this drafts matter, I would recommend searching/putting in the Idea Place. Your query above is not complete. So I would suggest a little bit brief as Mr. Steffi mentioned by telling what content & after that where or what button did you press. One more thing is that if you have not posted the Question, that means its not posted nor saved in drafts. So, better pay a little bit more attention while posting because not only you, I have found a lot many users finding hard-times/compelled when using the new SCN. Once you start using more & more, you will become savvy & would feel more easy to use.

    Also as you mentioned FOLLOW POST, so i can understand pretty much that till now you have understood that the content you have posted(as mentioned "When I posted Question"), would go under moderation 1st & then released for viewing to make sure that the similar matter are not posted in the SCN & you have searched for that but did not find answers & thats why posting as new Query. Also I would suggest for the content approval matter, you can follow the below,



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    Jun 20, 2017 at 08:45 PM

    Hi Vishal ,

    The fastest way to find your favourite content is to use the Navigation (top - of - the - page and left - column) or Search . The search bar allows you to search content, people, places and status updates based on your search criteria. The search results can further be filtered by a particular group or space, can be restricted to a specific person, and can be sorted by a chosen timeline. You can also use the Browse link in the “What Ma t ters” bar to review the topic lists and find your content. The Browse tabs help you find all your content, important people, and browse areas of your in terest . Once you find your items, follow them, and they will be streamed to you (more on that when we explain “What Matters”).
    I hope this will help.


    Saurabh G

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    • This post is 8 months old, so I'm rather confused why you've decided to chime in. Also the original question was not how to see "favorite content" or how to search. It was specifically about the questions under moderation. Steffi already answered that back in October.

      Kindly make sure to read and understand the question first and then answer with relevant information. Also it doesn't make sense to resurrect such old posts, unless you are 100% sure you have a long-awaited solution.

      Thank you.