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Former Member
Dec 27, 2007 at 09:42 AM

SAP Scenarios - Help Required


Hello all,

I am facing two scenarios at my client site. But don't know exactly what are they. Pls help me in order to solve the problem.

I will be grateful to you people. The scenarios are:

1.client places the order to vendor, vendor dispatches the goods at custtomer place, customer pays the amount to vendor & client gets some commission on to solve it SAP

2. Govt org gives a order to the client, client gives order to the vendor, vendor dispatches at govt org place, Govt pays 90% os amount to Vendor, 10% to the client, & again vendor also pays Some % of commission to the client.

Kindly suggest me what type of scenarios these are. Are they Third Party Processing Scenarios or something else.

Thanks and Regards.