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Routing operation code mapping issue

Oct 30, 2017 at 08:17 AM


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Dear All,

I face the following mapping issue, our client currently maintains operation code like operation master data, for every operations. So whatever the position of operation it may be, the operation code doesn't change, like say,


Seq Op.code

1 40 - palm slitting

2 30 - punching

3 44 - Knuckle slitting.


Seq Op.code

1 30 - punching

2 44 - Knuckle slitting

3 40 - palm slitting.

They have bar code scanner and in that scanner they'll enter the operation code only in operation code field,not sequence number. Since employees are working for many years they are aware of the Operation code no and by seeing the operation they can tell which operation the labor do. In a production line tailors will be sitting in sequence wise only,so they know which is 1st and last operation obviously.

So how to map this operation code in SAP or is there any field in routing where it can be maintained and linked during confirmation.

Kindly help with it.


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1 Answer

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Former Member Oct 30, 2017 at 10:53 AM


Please try to use there is an "user specific field" in operation detail screen.


Velmurugan S

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Hello Velmurugan,

Thanks for your reply. But what client expects is like a master data and even if we go with "user specific field" it has only limited amount of fields. Here client has 300 operations altogether. So i must create more user specific fields and assign in each routing. I checked with "standard text key" next to control key it seems to match my requirement. In CA10 i will create this and then assign in routing for individual operations. Should discuss about mass upload regarding this with abap. This is just my try, anything better than this is also welcomed.


i would agree that a 'standard text key' is more useful in your case

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Hello SPRO,

Thanks for your reply. Yeah this would meet my requirement. But just help me in one thing. During confirmation in CO11N, client says they wont be giving operation number like 0010,0020 etc as in routing, but where as they told they will be giving only the operation code instead of operation number. Currently i've planned to maintain operation code in std text key in routing. Now how to link this with CO11N confirmation. They will enter production order and then enter operation code(standard text key in routing) in custom field which has been developed, then this should call relevant operation number like 0010,0020 whichever is straight to it. I thought of linking PLPO but its dynamic and all changes are getting updated.



Jeffery, I think the custom solution would work for your scenario.

Can you please talk to abaper regarding the new transaction, say, ZCO11N ?

Sorry, the standard one is not in my mind...