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Dec 27, 2007 at 01:23 AM

smartforms - urgent ~ pls help



I have a question on the smartforms.

I need to create a cover page & content page. In the Cover page's Main window, I added a template because data is only displayed once and it is static.

As for the Content Page, I have 1 template & 1 table. This template will also be displayed once & is static, whereas the table will have dynamic rows.

(1) The Main Window for Content Page should contain both template & table or table only?

(2) Currently I only added a table, and when I run, Content Page is not displayed? Do I need to manually link 1st & 2nd page together?

(3) To loop the internal table, such as "it_tab" INTO "ls_tab", should i add this to "TABLE" on in the "Main Area~LOOP"? I am confused as both also need to add it.

(4) The display of content page is:

(1st line) - table header, such as <b>"ID no", "Product Name".</b>

(2nd line) - display data, such as <b>"X123", "coat".</b>

(3rd line) - header, such as <b>"material", "%"</b>

(4th line) - display data, such as <b>"cashmere", "10"</b>

Can anybody advise me how to create this table? 1st & 3rd line is header, whereas 2nd & 4th line are data. If my internal table has more than 1 row of data, first row of data must display like above, and loop for second row, display the header & data again, it's like a <b>BLOCK of table</b>.

Kindly give me a clue, I am stuck!