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Return Order Process

Badly need of Return Order Processing configuration/customization with details of item categories & determination, all the assignments and document types etc.

I have been thru from Enterprise Structure to billing/Invoice, but don't know the Return Process.

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4 Answers

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    Dec 27, 2007 at 11:14 AM

    Dear Sarat,

    You need to receipt the rejected goods through SD Module (VA01 - Sales Order type RE).

    The steps are as follows :

    1. Create a return request. (Using Sales Order in SD)

    2. Create outbound delivery according to return request.

    3. If the setting is correct in the outbound delivery screen SAP will automatically switch post goods issue button into post goods receipt. The setting is in sales order item category and delivery type.

    4. In the standard system the movement type used is 651.

    5. After post goods issues receipt is done using outbound delivery, the quantity is placed in blocked stock without value updating.

    6. You will then decide if the return quantity are indeed bad stock or not.

    7. Transfer Posting from block stock to unrestricted stock (mvt type 453), this will have accounting effect (Debit Inventory, Credit COGS)

    8. Goods Issue to scrap account how to create new titles which can be used in creating the "address" view on the Vendor master.{T-Code: XK01}

    In config go to Basis Components --> basis services --> Address Management --> Maintain title texts

    Hope this helps you.

    Do award points if you found them useful.



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    Dec 27, 2007 at 02:21 AM

    I suggest you go through Glynnc Williams.

    In simple, Returns is a process in SAP happens when the customer returns the goods partially or fully.

    For ex, i have send 10Pc of chocklets to the customer i.e i have done a sales order with quantity 10, delivered and PGId with quantity 10 and also invoiced the customer for 10Pcs. Now assume that the customer has returned 2 pcs, in this case he has to only pay for 8 pcs of chocklets. Now you have to follow this process in SAP.

    1. Create returns order with T.Code VA01 and order type RE and quantity of 2 Pcs

    2. Delivery with VL01N and Post Goods Reciepts of 2 Pcs

    3. Credit Note w.r.t your delivery doc No. with VF01.

    For Customisations you can refer to the STD one RE with t.code VOV8.

    Plz come back if u have any more doubts............



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    Dec 27, 2007 at 11:11 AM

    Hi Sarat,

    As you know the SD flow

    (Sales order --> Delivery --> PGI --> Invoice), the return processing also very much similar.

    First you need to create order --> delivery --> PGI --> Invoice.

    Then create the return order VA01 (Ord type RE) with reference to the invoice of the original order. Create the delivery (VL01N) for the order , then do the post goods return. Then create a credit memo if required for the return.

    Hope you are clear.


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    • Former Member

      May I know whats the best practice in case theres a returns? Do we need to release to accounting all the billing documents?

      Sample is a canceled sales order due to incorrect details, inventory dont have access in reversal so their option is to create return order reference to the billing document, does the original BD and the counterpart CM needed to be release to accounting to reflect posted even zero value or leave them in blocked status since theres a closing of books in Billing documents.

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    Dec 27, 2007 at 12:59 PM


    Returns order process also as same as normal sales cycle with couple of changes.

    process is..

    returns order--

    >delivery-- ->PGR(Post goods receipt) --

    >Billing(credit note).

    maintain copy control of order -


    number ranges for returns order type,delivery type and as per your customization number ranges for credit note.

    same as the normal sales order type,delivery type,item category..etc you can control various things through configuration like pricing storage location,document flow,effect of returns quantity on source document etc.

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    • Former Member

      Hello gurus.

      Ok. I get the Return Delivery Process, but the issue i'm running into is, i make the return delivery with order type RE (returns) and i have a billing block of credit memo i save and get a returns number, i create the delivery number with reference to the invoice in vl01n. then PGI. after posting the product back to stock. How do you perform the Credit Memo Request? Do i make a whole new sale through Va01 with order type CR (Credit memo)? if i do this, then there will be 2 seperate return numbers, and one will show being processed, while the billing document not cleared. Shouldnt they be under one returns number??? I'm confused.....Do i go directly to VF01 after posting the stock back?? Or does a Credit Memo Request need to be made??? Thx Gurus