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Oct 17, 2016 at 08:56 AM

Issue in Approve Purchase Order Fiori App - Fragment not getting loaded

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Hello SAP Community,

I have to extend the S4 view of Approve Purchase Order Fiori App. My requirement is to show a custom tab (line item level) from ME23N in Item details view S4 of the App. I have used the extension point - "extInformationS4" for inserting a fragment - extPOStockData.fragment.xml. The code of my component.js file is as follows:

//// Declaring a new module path"");

	name : "",
	url :"")
			+ "/../MM_PO_APV"
					metadata : {
				version : "1.0",
				config : {"" : <br>              {"bundleName" : ""	}}},

	customizing : {	"sap.ui.viewExtensions" : {
	"" : {						"extInformationS4" : {							className : "sap.ui.core.Fragment",
	fragmentName : "",			type : "XML"	}}},}

However, the issue is that i don't think my fragment is being loaded because i am seeing the view of standard app only. Can anybody let me know what is that I am missing out here. Is my code ok. If yes then is there any way to identify the root cause of this issue. Also our SAP UI5 libraries version is 1.28. So do we need to update them or is there any other way out.

Waiting for help!