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recover_start/recover_replace - -db online automatically ?


this is regarding the recover commands.........

I am using this recover commands. And sometimes after the exectution of the few recover command the database is brought online automatically and i do still have other logs to apply.

for eg: backup

1. full backup (DAT_001)

2. Do transactions on the database LOG_001

3. Log backup (LOG_001)

4. Do transactions on the database LOG_002

5. Log backup ( LOG_002)

During the restore/recover, after the LOG_001 is applied the DB is online automatically and I still have the logs to apply (i..e, in this case the LOG_002)

Will the DB be consistent ?

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

  • Dec 26, 2007 at 06:07 PM

    Hi Balu,

    once the database has been opened the remaining log backups cannot be restored to the instance anymore.

    If I had to guess I would say that you used the DBMGUI to perform the log recovery and did not click "CANCEL" after you restored the LOG_001 backup.

    With DBMGUI the Database gets started automatically as the default "exit-behaviour" of a recovery, since this is what is mostly wanted when a user managed recovery is to be done.

    What you tried is some kind of manual standby log-applying ... for that, just CANCEL the restore after the last log backup is processed. You will then be able to recover more logs later on.

    KR Lars


    you may also want to check note

    [#1008304 - Restore log delivers message -7075|] for some more information on this topic.

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  • Dec 27, 2007 at 07:51 AM

    Hi Balu,

    it might be the case that you didn't initialize the DB before the recovery and that thus some information still resides on the Log volume(s). During a Log Recovery, as soon as the DB kernel detects the next log information already resides on the physical Logvolume(s), it will use that and restart automatically. This is irrespective of the used tool (DBMCLI, Database Manager GUI etc).



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    • Hi Balu,

      Regarding 'I am using the dbmcli and i didn't intialize (i.e., util_execute clear logs) it before the recovery as the info would be lost.':

      Just for clarification: with the initialization, I didn't exactly mean a clear log command, but init_config or db_activate. It is however true that the Log will be cleared by those commands, but that's necessary in certain situations.

      You will not loose data if you for example, prior to the recovery, bring the DB into admin and then save the Log aswell; then you can initialize and recover Data- and all relevant Logbackups. The DB kernel then won't find anything on the Log.

      Regarding 'why the DB has to brought online, when i have made it to be in ADMIN mode before the start of the recovery'

      Well, normally, a Recovery is done to be able to bring a database back into a working state, i.e. to bring it back Online. It's a feature of MaxDB during a Log-Recovery, that the next Logs to be recovered are already (or still) on the Logvolumes and if yes, use those (which is quicker).

      Regarding 'Will the DB be in the consistent state ?'

      After which exact action do you mean this? The initialization of Logs and then a recovery, or after the DB has come into Online state, after a Recovery during which the next Loginformation was found on the physical Logvolume and the kernel was put into Online automatically?



      P.S.: which exact (incl. Build) MaxDB version are you using?