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URGENT - How to influence SAP C4C Ticket SLA Calculation

Oct 26, 2017 at 11:03 AM


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Dear SAP Colleagues,

My customer has a requirement where they do not track the SLA due date milestones from the ticket creation date but rather the SLA process triggers on a particular status update on the C4C ticket.

i.e As soon as the ticket is created, there is no need to calculate any SLA Due dates rather these should be calculated only when Ticket goes into a particular status.

In my customer's business, SLA tracking are really around when is 1st quote due and when is the 2nd quotation due.

The process is:

1) Ticket is created and round of interations happen with agents & customer where Agents seek additional information and certain documents from customer

2) When user is ready with all info they required to prepare the quotations, they set a status on the ticket.

3) it is now that the SLA clock should trigger and system should determine the Due date to send first quote as = date when status is set + 20 days & Due date to send second quote = date when status is set + 30 days.

These SLA should exclude the time ticket is with customer. For example, Lets say on 01 November ticket status updated to the particular status - this should trigger SLA & give Due date for 1st offer = 20 November & Due date for 2nd offer = 30 November.

Now lets say they need to go back to customer for additional info on 05 November , so User have used only 15 days so far of the 20 days they have got. Now lets say, customer came back after 5 days with information asked ie on 10 November, then it should move the Due date for 1st quotation to 25 November (10 Nov + 15 days) & Due date for second quotation to 15 December.

Is there any way to solve this ??

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Horst Schaude
Oct 27, 2017 at 10:39 AM

Hello Suchita,

I would use several status to distinguish between the time when the ticket

  • Has reached the customer
  • Is with you

. Horst

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Hi Horst,

Thank you for your reply.

I can know from statuses which correspond to action for customer and which correspond to action for processor.

My problem is how to influence the SLA timepoints such as On Site Due Date, Resolution Due date etc.

I can not find the On Site due & resolution due dates under ServiceRequest object

Can you please advice ?




Hello Suchita,

Former Member Can you provide some answer here?

. Horst

Former Member

This is a little different from the standard use case.

But one thing you can try is to have the Service Level Agreement Determination designed that way.

Have your SLA Determination based on the status field value.

If your custom status field is not set, choose an SLA which does not have any milestones maintained. This will stop the due date calculation. If this is not set then 'Date Profile' entries are considered for a completion due date. So make sure you have an SLA with no milestone determined.

Once the custom status is set, the actual SLA with all the milestones should get determined kicking in the calculations.

I still have some concerns on whether it takes the customer change time or creation time for calculation but this is something that can be tried.


Hi Sriram,

Thank you for your reply. I tried this & found that doesn't matter when the SLA determination is triggered, it still calculates the due dates from the "Reporting Date" of the ticket.

For example, ticket reported at 01.11.2017 and if my SLA determination is triggered by the rules by an event happening on system date 05.11.2017, then it still calculates 20 day dues dates from 01.11.2017 and not from 05.11.2017.

As there is no date profile & date rule maintenance offered by C4C like how onPremise CRM offer - sadly, business requirements like this can not be realized !

Writing a code with custom status code checks is not really the ideal way as I don't want to hardcode the user status code & to avoid hard coding would mean providing a BCO and related stuff - To me, this mean an entire custom Business application development that can take significant chunk on development and project budget. I was looking for a simple way to update the due dates but sadly there is no simple way !

Thanks & Regards