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Dec 24, 2007 at 12:23 PM

where to compare Current and previous messages.


i had requirment where i had to insert the text data from FTP to MSSQL Database

(R/3) File -> Xi -> JDBC.

but the condition is -> In case the SQL server is down for any time (1 Jan to 4 Jan), and when SQL Server is UP on 5 jan, All the data in R/3 form 1-4 Jan shall also be udpated on 5th Jan.

Check has to be made by XI whether Current Data DATE is 1 more then previous data DATE.

(i.e on 5 day XI has to check whether 4 Jan Data has passed Xi Sucessfuly or not)

My Views : Alert can be used to identify the days of downtime, and we again put the file from Archives to FTP.

But this process also has to be automated, no manual intervention on taking file from archives

I had to use BPM.?

any Inputs..?


Ajay Pant