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Dec 24, 2007 at 11:49 AM

Generic Delta Problem



I have a problem concerning generic delta extraction. We have some Z table on erp system which is updated everyday from VBBE table by ABAP program that use simple INSERT statement. This table is updated once a day and each new record has the erdat field stamped using actual date from sy-datum. So I need to extract this data everyday by delta method. I made generic data source in RSO2 transaction with settings:

Field Nm: ERDAT

Delta-Specific Field: Calend. Day

Safety Interval Upper Limit: 0 Calend. Days

Safety Interval Lower Limit: Calend. Days

Real-Time: is not enabled

Additive Delta: marked

Next I fill Z table on sap with data for one day, then I made initialization from BW and in RSA7 I can see that initialization is active:

DataSource: ZLIS_11_V_BBE

Delta-Relevant Field: ERDAT (Date on which the record was created)

Current Status: 24.12.2007

Then I fill this Z table with data for 25.12.2007 and 26.12.2007, I made a delta request from BW and nothing happened. I got message: "No new data since the last delta update", and 0 record arrived to BW. Please tell me what am I doing wrong...

Best Regards,

Maciej Janik