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Intercompany Resource related billing- no expenditure items found

Oct 26, 2017 at 07:50 AM


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We are trying to execute DP93(Intercompany Resource related billing) to create Debit memo request for an Intercompany sales contract.
We have actual costs being posted to wbs elements using CO Assessments and this is visible in CJI3 report.
We have done all the Intercompany related settings and have also configured the DIP profile(with source as "Intercompany Line items") but we are getting an error
that says "No expenditure items found". Any help related to this would be of great help as we are stuck with this from quiet some time.

Also, please note that if I revert the intercompany related config on SD side, modify the DIP profile source as "Actual costs line items"
and run DP91- Normal RRB, the system works fine. We are able to create the Debit memo request.

PS: I have have already searched all forums but unfortunately the suggestions given there did not really help. Would be great if someone has worked on this who can guide me.


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Hello everyone,

Would be really helpful if someone can provide any inputs to solve this puzzle.



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