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Dec 24, 2007 at 05:41 AM

Transmitting text in IDoc



I have a scenario wherein I have text object (like sales text in Material master) attached to an IDoc.

I want to transfer text that the user enters (within SAP) via IDoc to XI. XI then need to call a webservice and post this text information to the webservice.

Later the legacy application returns some text back and this needs to be mapped by XI to inbound Idoc which will be posted within SAP.

Can you propose some protocol/mechanism to handle such scenario.

I looked at the MATMAS03 Idoc. There we have segments E1MTXHM (long text header) and E1MTXLM (long text line). Within the E1MTXLM we have TDFORMAT which will take care of formatting the text.

Now I need to put some logic in XI mapping or within legacy application to read these formatting information in IDoc and make full text lines out of it and post it into legacy application.

Similarly in the inbound side the Legacy text needs to mapped to the incoming idoc (with proper codes filled in TDFORMAT) and posted into SAP.

How feasible is this approach? Any other better way to handle text transmission?

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.