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ABAPGit - Doubts Prior PoC for Implementation

Hey Friends!

I'm currently looking for a more "distributed" ways of working with ABAP development, and whatever activity possible in SAP - and I'm specially interested in using the "branching" concept, to enable concurrent development in the same object for posterior merging / releases.

However, I have a couple of doubts:

- Does working with AbapGIT mean I'll have to disable Transport Management?

- Does AbapGIT work together with SM CHARM ?

- Since AbapGIT seems to work based in Packages, can I have the same object in more than one "Project"? Does it need to be in more than one "package" as well? What's the best way to work this point?

Thanks in advance, folks!


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2 Answers

  • Oct 30, 2017 at 02:01 PM

    No, no and no :)

    I dont recommend using abapGit instead of transport management. Transport mgt handles a lot of objects not yet supported in abapGit

    CHARM, well, abapGit adds objects to transports as normal, but not directly integrated in charm

    Same objects: no, we are limited by the functionality in the SAP kernel. Branching in SAP usually means another system in the landscape

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  • Oct 31, 2017 at 12:34 AM

    Hi Rodrigo,

    to add to Lars response - why don't you just have a go? I understand you need to better appreciate where abapGit can fit into your developer processes. There is no better way to understand something than to give it a go. Install abapGit (it takes less than 5 minutes) and start small - with a simple little project just to get the feel for what it can and cannot do. Also look at the issues list to see what enhancements others would like to see. Maybe you could contribute a few ideas of your own or even take on some of the issues yourself?


    Graham Robbo

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    • Hi Graham!

      I already have installed it, but still going through some issues with our basis colleagues to make it work - probably I'll get it working through this month in a Sandbox - looking forward to see what we got! :-)

      Thanks for the contribution!