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Dec 23, 2007 at 10:55 AM

Parameters Issue


I have 3 parameters in my ABAP Program:

Parameters: p_date like ZSTATS_CUML2-zdate ,

p_user like ZSTATS_CUML2-account,

p_tcode like ZSTATS_CUML2-tcode.

and I put entries in table tab_1 from ZSTATS_CUML2 table as follows:

select * from ZSTATS_CUML2 where Not tcode = ''and tcode = p_tcode and

zdate = p_date and account = p_user.

tab_1-tcode = ZSTATS_CUML2-tcode.

tab_1-logindate = ZSTATS_CUML2-zdate.

tab_1-username = ZSTATS_CUML2-account.

tab_1-responsetime = ZSTATS_CUML2-respti.

append tab_1 to tab_1.


I want that if user gives no input in parameters, then all entries come in tab_1 or if user gives input in 2 parameters then the selection criteria should apply only in 2 parameters.what happens now ,if i give no value in any paramater , the output table contains nothing , it's empty.

Kindly help.