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Dec 22, 2007 at 08:56 AM

Tax code Different for differemt PLANTS-same vendor same material


Dear SAP Gurus

I am held up with one problem and not able to solve the problem

Problem Defination:

I have Created 2 tax code E1 and E2

I have maintained Conditions in FV11 for E1 (JMOP -16%,JMX1-100)--Key combination(Material-ABC,vendor-PQR &Plant-XYZ)

Whereas for E2 (JMOP -8%,JMX1-100)--Key combination(Material-ABC,vendor-PQR &Plant-LMN)

I am creating a PO with vendor-ABC and Material -PQR and Plant XYZ and selecting tax code E1 and the tax detail is getting displayed

But if i change the plant to LMN and select tax code E1 it should not display the tax amt as maintained in FV11 for

(Material-ABC,vendor-PQR &Plant-XYZ)

where as the system is displaying the tax for the (Material-ABC,vendor-PQR &Plant-XYZ) combination

Can anybody guide me on this so that if i select tax code E1 and Plant LMN the tax rate should not be calculated

Thankz and regards