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Dec 22, 2007 at 08:21 AM

Problem with subsequent deltas after converting Full requests to Repair.


Hi All,

We are working on changing an existing system from loading from multiple extractors directly to a cube to loading each extractor to its own DSO and then combining the data in a 'consolidated' DSO and then on the the cube.

To avoid downtime in the production system when we do the cut-over we have decided to do full loads of historical data up to Sept 2007 and then do delta loading from then on.

So the steps so far have been:

1) Full load of data to low-level DSO's. to 09 2007.

2) Full load of data to 'consolidated' DSO.

3) Convert Full requests in consolidated DSO to Repair Full Requests (see SAP Note 689964).

4) Initialise Without Data Transfer to the 'consolidated' DSO.

5) Delta Initialise from 10 2007 from the source system to the low-level DSO's.

6) Delta from low-level DSO to consolidated DSO.

My problem is with step 6 - no records are loaded into the consolidated DSO after delta load of data to the low-level DSO - the load process runs correctly but tells me that there was no data available.

Can anybody see if there is a problem with my approach - I thought this was the correct way to convert from full loading to delta loading ?

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all