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Dec 22, 2007 at 08:05 AM




One of my clients is intending to rampup to ECC6.0 from 4.6C. I am assessing the efforts needed from a ABAP perspective. No new ABAP's are needed. I need to ensure that the following work well.

- Custom ABAP's (reports, interfaces, conversion)

- User Exits

- Smartforms

1. I am making a presumption that SAP code need not be checked. Maybe somebody can confirm.

2. From doing various searches, this Upgrade assessment can be done if we run the UCCHECK and the SCI transaction along with SAMT. I hear that these three tools should be enough from an assessment and identifying the right tools. Other who have gone through this experience can confirm that these three tools are all that are needed, and if there are other things that can facilitate the process, what they are.

3. SAMT is the only transaction available natively in SAP 4.6C. OSS note 543359 allows us to install SCI in 46C. I am unable to find the note that will allow me to run UCCHECK in 46C. Any information on identifying the correct note for installing UCCHECK on 46C will be appreciated.

4. Please feel free to share your experiences for conversion from 4.6C to 4.7 or ECC5.0 or ECC6.0 from an ABAP perspective.