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Dec 22, 2007 at 07:50 AM

Deadline loop not completed



I've created a deadline work item for latest start.

In the deadline branch, I created a loop for sending mails at a specified intervals. and I created a wait step before each loop pass and when the condition reached, the loop will go for next iteration or it should end.

When the actual work item is completed this deadline branch is ending with error saying that

FINALIZE : Error at an end of UNTIL Loop.

FIND_NEXT_NODES_IF : Error when defining successor for node <Node number of the until loop>

which I guess it's trying to find the next loop pass but at that time the actual work item is finished so it's ending with error.

my question is why this wait step is not logically deleted when the work item is completed ?

any idea ?

Thanks & regards,

Sudhahar R.