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Dec 22, 2007 at 07:44 AM



Ok... One for the best of the best, who seem only to reside here...

I've got an RFC which calls SAP's PRICING function module. I have to get this thing running with sub-second timing. When all possible buffering is done, it actually runs in under 100 milliseconds, which is great. The first time it runs, with no buffering at all, it takes a couple of seconds, which is not so good.

Now, my concerns are:

1) Will an RFC re-load the programs and data every time it is called, by virtue of it being called externally? If so, what can be done to encourage buffering of programs and/or data?

2) For testing purposes, is it possible to globally (within a program) turn off data buffering and/or program buffering? It would be nice to be able to pinpoint the costs in the program, so that we know what to target for performance improvement. Plus, utilizing the same test data repeatedly seems to give unrealistic average performance measurements...