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Dec 22, 2007 at 05:19 AM

Doubts on Different Issues


I have a several Doubts from one of client. I am sharing to have a concept for Doing Excersises.

Q.1. One Raw material is used in Two differnet Manufacturing units of same company maintaning two different ware houses.

A is one Ware house

B is second Ware house

When the Item Master data is same we fill the

Minimum qty Column, and Maximum qty Column.

How can the SAP B1 do the same for Both Ware houses but item is same.

Q.2 Purchase orders to be raised in Head Office but we need to have Different series by Unit wise.

Q.3 When any Item purchased we will have different quotations from differnt vendors. Now how can we show the same in SAP B1 at the time of Preparing Purchase order to select least quoted Price.

Q .4 At the time of preparing Sales Quotations to Leads can we have a list of Competetors price for same product in SAP B1

Q.5 In SAP B1 can we get the Import materials Competetors price list at the time of issuing Purchase order