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Error during Upgrade to EHP 8

Oct 16, 2016 at 10:10 AM


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Error during Upgrade to EHP 8

Hi Expert,

we are upgrade our production server from ERP 6.0 to EHP 8 For ERP 6.0.

we are using Maintenance Planner and latest SUM Tool, Current Phase: PREP_EXTENSION/EHP_INCLUSION

we received the following error:

Severe error(s) occurred in phase PREP_EXTENSION/EHP_INCLUSION!

Last error code set: Stack file is invalid: component 'EA-APPL' (stack release = source release, but KEEP not allowed)

If you put new packages in the download directory, use option 'init' to upload them

Trouble Ticket Generation
A trouble ticket and an archive with all relevant log files have been generated.
Trouble ticket: "D:\usr\sap\UPG\SUM\abap\log\SAPup_troubleticket.log"
Log archive: "D:\usr\sap\UPG\SUM\abap\log\SAPup_troubleticket_logs.sar"
Repeat phase PREP_EXTENSION/EHP_INCLUSION to continue at the point it stopped
Initialize phase PREP_EXTENSION/EHP_INCLUSION to restart it from the beginning


Kindly aid us to fix this issue

Said Shepl

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Have a look at OSS note 2269957

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2 Answers

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Said Shepl Oct 27, 2016 at 11:25 AM

Hi Expert,

This is SAP Reply about my problem:

Reply: Dear Said,

I'm sorry for the long time it took to find the real problem. The colleagues assumed first, that the SUM functionality does something wrong and checked it in this direction. Now it reached the development support and we found, that SUM is in principle doing it right, but got some wrong information from the stack XML.
And the reason for the wrong information in the stack XML is a bug in the Maintenance Planner planning functionality, which occurs only if the source system is on a very low Support Package level (like yours). You did not do anything wrong, there is nothing that you could have done differently to avoid this problem.
We will fix this problem on our side.
In order to let you continue with your upgrade, I have corrected the stack XML. I attached it as MP_Stack_2000092054_2038_corrected.xml. Please use the "Back" button in the SUM UI to go back to the very beginning (you have to press it several times, to jump to the very beginning). Then start the SUM process again with the provided stack XML.
Please tell us the result.


Said Shepl

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Said Shepl Oct 16, 2016 at 10:16 AM


log file and stack file is attached

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