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Dec 21, 2007 at 04:13 PM

appending two internal tables


hello friends,

I have two internal tables of different structure.

i have filled those two internal tables using join statements.

But one field is common in both the tables, when i try to append both tables into another new internal table.

i cant get the value for the 2nd tables field.


vbeln is common in vbuk, vbup, vbap, vbak, likp, lips.

but its sale order number in vbak, vbap.

delivery document in likp,lips.

vbup has both sales order and delivery in the vbeln field.

so, i made a join to between vbak, vbup and lips to see the goods movement status in vbup.

for that the vbeln should be delievery number.

and in other table, i have added vbup and vbak and vbep to get the delievery status.

for that the vbeln should be sale order no.

when i append both the tables into the third internal table that has the structure of both internal tables.

i could not get the vbeln of the second table(sale order no) in the third table.

help me guys.

rewards for helpful solutions.