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Dec 21, 2007 at 09:48 AM

Some problems with OTR in BSP



I have got the following problems with BSP and the NW 07abap Trial: hope somebody can help:


When I call the transcation SE63, I have got a different transaction then it is shown at this blog (Pricture 4 and 5):


I can only go to Translation->Abap-Objects->Short texts

After that I get another popup window where I can SOTR OTR-Short texts

I get to some different screen: instead of a package and the Text from OTR I have to select an "object name" and a "translation area".

Is there any other transaction there I can translate the OTR? Or is there any way I can switch my transcation back to the transaction in the blog?


I've created a BSP-Site with Flow Logic where an input field t_start is included (The user has to input a date in it). In the event-handler of the site (OnInputProcessing) the date should be checked if the user has not typed in a date that is before sy-datum. If the date is before sy-datum a message should appear to the screen to inform the user. Here is the source code:


IF t_start < sy-datum.

MESSAGE = cl_bsp_get_text_by_alias=>get_text( alias = 'y_abap_demo/errstart' language = sy-langu ).

page->messages->add_message( condition = 't_start' message = message severity = page->messages->co_severity_error ).



I started the page with the debugger to see what is happening: Here is the get_text method:


method GET_TEXT .


language ID alias NR '0001' TEXT INTO alias_text.



If I check the variables in the debugger, I can see that language and alias are filled correctly but after the operation (when the cursor of the debugger stands at the endmethod) the alias_text is still empty.

I filled the alias_text manually in the debugger (Typing a value 'testerrormsg' in it). And it worked. The testerrormsg appeared at the screen.

Why has not the alias_text filled properly?

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