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Confusion regarding MTA descriptor files

I have some confusion about the exact relations of the descriptor files in a MTA. I hope you find clear this up a little bit for me.

1) The HANA Developer Guide (2.0 SPS 02) states, that mta.yaml is only needed when building with the Web IDE. I am developing and building locally using "SAP Multitarget Application Archive Builder 1.0.8". Without mta.yaml, I receive an error on exactly that. How does this match to the statement of the Developer Guide?

2) If I have both a mta.yaml and a mtad.yaml: Which builder (Web IDE, mtar-builder) takes which information from which file?

3) In the HANA Developer Guide (2.0 SPS 02) the descriptor file "manifest.yml" is referenced all over the place. But I cannot find an exact definition of the possible contents of this file similiar to sections "The MTA Deployment Descriptor" or "The MTA Development Descriptor". So, how exactly does it compare to mta.yaml and mtad.yaml in terms of possible content?

It would be great if you could help me out here.

Thanks in advance,


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