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Dec 21, 2007 at 06:01 AM

URGENT help required ! ---- error during the execution of step in workflow


Hi all,

Hi all,

I have a peculiar problem in one of R3 workflows.

1. I have a method of one class which pulls a value from a Ztable by accepting two inputs

The method name is get_user_id_from_ztable

Parameters of the method in the definition are

a. PRJID , b. POSITIONID, c. USERID all are of type char24

2. When I test the method it works properly.

3. When I emmbed the method with the task also, there were no problems.

4. I used this task as a background activitiy step in a workflow. The binding between workflow->task and task <-workflow, task->method and method -< task are all done properly (ie without any error)

5. but The workflow ends with the following error.

Work item 000000157196: Object method SWW_BI_EXECUTE_S cannot be executed

Message no. WL821


The calling of the object method for the work item ended with a return value for which no handling is modeled in the workflow.

System Response

The work item was forced into the error status.


Refer to your workflow system administrator.

Procedure for System Administration

Also check the binding between the task container and the method container.

Please anybody give the solution to fix this problem.


R. Parthasarathy