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Oct 26, 2017 at 08:02 PM

Error in Transporting ADSO to Q environment. Can you please confirm if it is a authorization issue?


Error when resetting DataStore Object (advanced) ZPO_AD10 to the active version

Message no. RSO410


Errors arose when activating DataStore Object (advanced) ZPO_AD10. An active version already existed before the activation.

System Response

DataStore Object (advanced) ZPO_AD10 could not be reset to the old active version. Since the generated objects no longer correspond to the old active version, they were reset to inactive.


The old active version of DataStore Object (advanced) ZPO_AD10 can no longer be used. Remove the cause of the activation error and activate DataStore Object (advanced) ZPO_AD10 anew.


error.png (55.4 kB)
su53.png (68.8 kB)