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Former Member
Dec 20, 2007 at 10:30 PM

Cannot copy the plan data in BEx Analyzer



I have actual data in one infocube and created a real time info cube. On top of these i have a multi provider. I have created a planning function to copy the actual data to plan data.....(did use from change and To change and defined my requirements for copying)

Now i would like to create a interface using BEx Analyzer..... I created a button for Copy and when i excute it it says

"Planning function ZSL_P_COP executed without errors"

"0 records read, 0 generated, 0 changed, 0 deleted".

Please let me know what is the problem. This is the first time i am using planning. What i am thinking is once this planning funciton gets executed i would see the data in the Analysis Grid... Please let me know if i am wrong..