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Dec 20, 2007 at 07:34 PM

How to populate a context node on the basis of the values in another node?



I have a Webdynpro application which has to run on Portal as well as BlackBerry.

In this application I have a scenario where I need to have a sub node inside a node but as Blackberry doesn't support sub nodes with Singleton value false, I have to use another node for storing the values which earlier wre present in the sub node.

The actual scenario here is that we have two tables A & B. For each row of table A we have a no of rows in table B. This can be easily accomplished for Web Browser but we need to do this for Blackberry.

My question here is that how can i populate the data in table B at runtime using the concept of onLeadSelect. I am not able to fully undersans this concept.

According to my approach I have two a while loop which generates data for table A and inside this while loop I have another while which generates data for table B corresponding to each iteration of the outer while loop. I create the node elements for the rows of the table B and store them in a list and then store this list in a HashMap corresponding to a key formed by combining the values of all the elements of the row of table A.

Now I am not able to understand how can I display this data into table on user slecting a particular row.

Please guide ASAP.

It wille quite useful if you can provide me with some code snippets for the same.

Thanks in advance!