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Dec 20, 2007 at 04:40 PM

Delivery split with different delivery types



I’ve got the following problem with delivery split:

In my order (type ZTA) I have two items with two different item categories (for example TA1 and TA2). For these two items two different deliveries with two different delivery types (for example item TA1 in LF1 and TA2 in LF2) should be created. For this I implemented the needed copy control and in the customizing of the order type ZTA I maintained LF1 as a default delivery type. When I deliver the order manually via Transaction VL01N, I have no problem, because the system delivers first the item which can be delivered with delivery type LF1. Then I have to start VL01N again, predefine LF2 as delivery type and then the other item will be delivered with LF2. But this doesn’t work in the Batch Collective Processing with VL04, VL10A or even VL10Batch. The system can’t deliver the order. And in none of these mentioned transactions I have the possibility to predefine a delivery type. I tried also a routine in the copy control on item category level where I want to switch to a different delivery type in case of the second item category. But it didn’t work. And I couldn’t find any other appropriate exit how to influence the delivery type on base of the item category. What can’t be changed is probably that I will always have to deliver this order two times because the system won’t be able to split the order in one collective processing and create two deliveries at once. That wouldn’t be a big problem if I could predefine the delivery type for the second collective processing in order to get the second item delivered.

Is there anybody who can help me?

Kind Regards