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Dec 20, 2007 at 04:31 PM

DTP/IP switching


Hi Team...

small doubt in IP/DTP switching..

1)IF the Data source is of type 7.0- Can I not use Info package to load all the way till the cube.?

I assume so as it is not allowing me to.--correct me if i'm wrong.

FOr loading it via IP .

are These the steps.

1)First convert the Data src into 3.x DS.

2)Delete the data from the cubes and ODS's.

3)delete the DTP's.

4)Create the T rules and update rules and activate them.

5)Create the info Packages.

Did I miss anything.?

In a 7.0 Data src, DO I have to load the info package "init with data" successfully till PSA for the other info package to give me the delta option.?Because I'm working with 0FI_AA_11, and I'm trying to configure one IP to load with Init and the other to load DELTA till PSA..and the second IP is not giving me the option

For switching it abck to DTP.

1)Delete the data

2)migrate the DS to 7.0

3)create teh necessary DTP's.

4)create the info package for init and delta.

5)include the DTP's (DELTA) in your PC's and schedule them.

lemme know if i'm missing anything...