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PCR for Unpaid PTO absence - USA Positive Time management

Hello Experts,

i have scenario in US positive time management(

PTO Absence quota is accrued every 15 days(semi monthly)(1 - 15, 1- last day of the month)

Scenario :

Employee joined on 01.01.2017

Time evaluation to be run on 16th Jan for accrual of 1st to 15th Jan

Employee will be Entitled PTO Quota - 6 hrs (every accrual)(semi monthly)

PTO Quota has to be only given for working days

Employee is present from 1 - 10 and 11-15(unpaid leave), then quota needs to be credited for 10 working days(1 - 10)

so in the above case employee will get quota = 4

6 (quota for 15 days) / 15 (days) * 10 (working days) = 4

i have managed it through dynamic action with call routine as of now by making adjustments through IT2013, but going forwad i need to calculate it by PCR, please help me with how to write a logic for the same.

Dynamic Action :

2001 4 1
** REDUCING QUOTA FOR UNPAID LEAVE** 2001 4 3 P P2001-SUBTY='USPU' 2001 4 5 P T001P-MOLGA='10' 2001 4 7 F REDUCE_PTO_QUATA(ZHR_DYNACT_IT2001) 2001 4 9 I MOD,2006,,,(RP50D-DATE1),(RP50D-DATE2)/D 2001 4 11 W P2006-ANZHL=RP50D-FIELD1



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2 Answers

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    Feb 19, 2018 at 06:52 AM


    As per your requirment you need to Maintain 2 PCRs.

    1st PCR :- Count all Working Days, Weekly Off's and Holidays into one Time type.(Ex. 0966 PTO Days Count in T555A Table)

    2nd PCR:- Caluclate & Update Quota based on employee experance and Time Type (0966) balance as on 01 or 16th date of the month.



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  • Feb 19, 2018 at 02:41 PM


    At face value you probably do not need any PCRs for this.

    You have your accrual period - Bi monthly and your base entitlement (6 hours)

    So all you need is a quota generation rule with an appropriate reduction rule for PTO Absence and it should generate the correct quota for you.


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