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Planning board, error message number CY744 on dispatching

Oct 26, 2017 at 08:44 AM


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Good morning.

This is a follow-up question, based on the initial conversation made on

According to note 1944967, one cause for this problem to occur is the calculation of the quotient EX_AMOUNT_KBED = (BEDARF/DURATION_OPR), where BEDARF is the capacity requirement calculated by the Work Center formula, and DURATION_OPR is the duration of the operation.

1. Which exact formula from the WC is this note referring to? In my work center, in tab "Capacities" i have formula ZTOTMH for my Machine Capacity and formula "ZLABHR" for my Labor Capacity, whereas in the "Scheduling" tab i have formula "SAP002". So, which one should be the one that should be changed?

2. I have the following settings: Machine Capacity formula = ZTOTMH which stands for [Machine *( Operation quantity / Base quantity ) + Wait Time]. I have a planned order for material 52113 in week 44 for 1500 cartons (boxes) (picture1). picture1.jpg

According to the planned order's routing (Picture2) picture2.jpg, the operation's time is 10,38 hours [(2.92*1500/1000)+6]=10,38hours (Picture3) picture3.jpg.The WC machine capacity is 24 hours per day or 168 hours per week (Picture4) picture4.jpg, with no other requirement on it (Picture5) picture5.jpg. Therefore, there is enough capacity to cover the planned order requirement.

If we calculate quotient EX_AMOUNT_KBED, we take quotient EX_AMOUNT_KBED = (BEDARF/DURATION_OPR) = (10,38 Hours/10.38Hours) = 1. Therefore, no problem should exist when dispatching this specific planned order. However, when i try to dispatch it, i take the error message number CY744 on dispatching.

Thank you,


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Caetano Almeida
Oct 26, 2017 at 12:01 PM

Hello Niko

This calculation is one of the possible causes for the issue described in note 1944967, which was originally written by me :)

Did you also check the points below?

2 - Inconsistent shift intervals on the work center.

3 - The operation duration is too short

4 - The end time of an operation to be dispatched is equal to the end time of the planning period

5 - Several operations are dispatched at the same time with the option 'Insert operation' or 'Close gaps'

6 - Scheduling with breaks is not set



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Nikos Giannopoulos Oct 26, 2017 at 12:17 PM

Hello Caetano and thank you very much for your answer.

Yes, i think i have checked the points you mention, but i will double check and come back.

However, my problems are:

(a) since the quotient is 1 and not bigger than 1, why dispatching is not happening?

(b) since the requirements calculated by the work center formula are transferred to the planned order, isn't the quotation always going to be equal to 1?

(c) What exactly do you mean by DURATION_OPR (duration operation)? How is this time different than the time showing in planned order?

(d) could the reason for not dispatching be that the labor hours for this planned order are more than the available hours?

(e) At the end, which formula do we change? The one in capacity tab or the one in the scheduling tab?

Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions, but i am really trying to understand

Thank you very much for everything,


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Hi Niko

Set a break point in FM CY_AMOUNT_KBED_COMPUTE and you will see the calculation in debug, with the operation duration actual value.




Caetano was right, and the mystery is solved.

I performed debugging in FM CY_AMOUNT_KBED_COMPUTE and i found out that system computes BEDARF as 3.8419199999999997E+04 (which means 38.420 seconds or 10,672 hours), and DURATION_OPR as 1.6819000000000000E+04 (which means 16.820 seconds or 4,67 hours)(image1.jpg). These values are also verified from the Planned Order Scheduling tab (image2.jpg)

BEDARF comes from the Machine Capacity formula = ZTOTMH from the Capacities tab (ZTOTMH = [Machine *( Operation quantity / Base quantity ) + Wait Time], whereas DURATION_OPR comes from Scheduling formula SAP002 in Scheduling tab (SAP002 = Machine *( Operation quantity / Base quantity )).

Therefore, system computes quotient EX_AMOUNT_KBED = (BEDARF/DURATION_OPR) as greater than 1, and this is why it does not dispatch the planned order. When i changed the Scheduling tab formula from SAP002 to ZTOTMH, everything was OK.

One last thing i do not understand is why EX_AMOUNT_KBED appears as 0.0000000000000000E+00 on debugger (last line on the lower right corner of debugger at image1).

Thank you very much,


image1.jpg (313.0 kB)
image2.jpg (158.4 kB)
Nikos Giannopoulos Oct 26, 2017 at 12:31 PM

Hello Caetano, and many thanks once again!

I will do that. Any comment regarding the rest of the points?

Best personal regards,


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Luiz Antonio SantAnna Feb 25 at 08:42 PM

Hello Niko

I have the same error in leveling the order with useful capacity available.
The error C7056 and CY744 are in the CY_AMOUNT_KBED_COMPUTE function in the partial confirmation, remaining work, and capability number of operation with 2.

The error was corrected with SAP application Note:
SAP Note No. 307484 Version 8
Short Text Incorrect dispatching results, CY744
Component PP-CRP-LVL Capacity Leveling

Best personal regards,

Luiz A Sant'Anna

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