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Dec 20, 2007 at 01:49 PM

DME data for house bank is not maintained - Message no. F0 275



We got an error message in transaction 'F110 - Payments':

DME data for house bank 1253 210 is not maintained

Message no. F0 275


The system could not fill a payment medium correctly due to missing house bank additional information.

System Response

The payment medium was created. You can weigh up whether the payment medium program run should be repeated after eliminating the error.


Correct the error by expanding the missing house bank DME details.


Do anyone know of which 'Data medium exchange' field(s) for House bank information would be mandatory:

Alternative bank ID

Bank receiving DME

Customer number

Company number

Bank number

Account number

Bank control key

ISO currency code

Instruction key

Lead days

Payment method and program is:

Country BE Belgium

Pmnt method F

Description Foreign banktransfers

Payment medium program RFFOBE_E