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Dec 20, 2007 at 01:01 PM

Changed sql datatype from nvarchar(n) to nvarchar(MAX) on SQL SERVER 2005



I migrated db from SBO2004C (SQL Server2000) to SBO2007A(SQL 2005). I created UDF on (some SAP Table) with alphanumeric (15). SBO2007A created this UDF as nvarchar(MAX) on SQL Server2005. Upgrade proces remaping all my UDF from nvarchar(n) to nvarchar(MAX)

SBO204C(SQL2000) -> UDF with alphanumeric(15) -> nvarchar(15) on SQL server2000

SBO2007A(SQL2005) -> UDF with alphanumeric(15) -> nvarchar(MAX) on SQL server2005

Why? Now, I have problem with my rpt (mapping in Crystal Report). Is it bug?

I have SBO2007A PL00