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Pay Scale Change

Dear Experts;

My customer is a Public Sector and they have a pay scale increase but the system shouldn't do it automatically as it's not a must to get that increase annually as the employee might pass by some penalties or leaves that won't permit him/her to get that pay scale increase, so the users will make it manual. But the question here is;

There are different Grades and Levels, each level has its starting amount and its maximum amount that the employee shouldn't exceed. During the employees' service period on that level s/he might go through some increases that will make him about to reach the maximum amount for that level, then he moves to another level that has its starting amount which is smaller than what he currently takes. What is required is, whenever the employee moves from a level to another if s/he is getting an amount smaller than the starting of the other grade, then s/he'll get a salary increase o reach the starting amount of the new level, but if the employee is getting more than the starting of the new grade then the system should only change the level without reducing his salary.

To make it more clear: For instance level 3 its starting amount is $58, and the employees' salary shouldn't exceed $174, while level 2 starts with $80 and shouldn't exceed 192.

So the employee might reach 100 in level 3 then he moves to level 2 which starts with 92, in such a case the system shouldn't reduce his salary to $80, while if the employee was taking 70 in level 3 then he moved to level 2 he should get the new level's starting salary which is $80.

So would you kindly help me know how to make it.

Appreciating your cooperation.

Best Regards;


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2 Answers

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    Nov 27, 2017 at 05:41 PM

    In SAP, I've never worked with a Payscale that had a Range, but I would expect that the standard behavior should be that if you create an IT0008, the default value would be the lowest Amount on that Payscale Range. What happens currently when you hire an employee and set the Payscale, without entering an Amount?

    With ABAP programming, I think that it should be possible to modify that default value to be the lowest Amount on that Payscale Range or the Amount on the employee's previous IT0008, or at least to give a Warning if the new Amount is less than the previous Amount.

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  • Oct 30, 2017 at 06:09 AM

    If the amount if wage type in infotype 0008 is not maintained , then the default amount of pay scale is read and show in infotype 0008.

    It is a correct behavior. then you need to maintain the amount as 92.

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