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Dec 20, 2007 at 06:32 AM

File Sender Scenario - Mapping error message


Hi All


I am trying to develop a test scenario where a record is read from the file and sent to R/3 using RFC (Bapi)

So i believe this will involve a file adapter as sender and a RFC adapter as receiver, I have configured data types, message types, message mapping, interface mappings, sender determination, receiver determination etc.


When i put the text file in the polling directory the file is read, but there is an error,

On checking Processed XML message in SXMB_MONI I see that the following steps listed

1 - Inbound message (CENTRAL)

2 - Receiver Determination

3 - Interface Determination

4 - Receiver Grouping

5 - Message Branch According to Receiver

6 - Request Message Mapping

7 - Request Message Mapping

Step 1 - 6 does not show any error message, step 7 has an error with the following message





<SAP:P3>Fatal Error:</SAP:P3>

Additional Information

My Business System Commnication channel has a Sender File adapter, this file sender is configured to read from file system from a certain directory and message protocol is File Content Conversion.

In Content Conversion parameters input fieldname and input separator are configured (does anything else need to be configured in this section?)

My input file is of the structure aaa,bbb,ccc,ddd,eee,fff,ggg

My Data Type is of the structure

<data header>














</data header>


First question is why is there 2 instance of Request message mapping showing up in the monitor? Isn't this supposed to show up only once?

Second question it appears that the problem is something to do with Mapping (Message Mapping) but i tried to test the message mapping manually using the data generated in the payload and it passes the mapping successfully.

Third question, how is the input flat file converted to the complex structure of data type (as mentioned in additional information above) is this done by the input.filedNames that assigns the corresponding values from flat file to the data type?

Fourth question - is there a way to run the process step by process (as a step through in other programming IDEs?) so the problem can be more easily identified?