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BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 : Custom fields not updating

Hi ,

I am using the bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2 for creating sales order.Sales order is created but z fields not updating properly. I read all the posts but it won't work.I am passing the z fields data through extension structure.

I have append the z fields into all the structures bape_vbak,bape_vbakx,vbakkoz,vbakkozx.

In the program I write the logic

ls_vbak-zz_sortorder = is_hdr-assort_ord.
ls_vbak-zz_light1 = is_hdr-prim_light.
ls_vbak-zz_light2 = is_hdr-seco_light.
ls_vbak-zz_testre = is_hdr-test_requi.
ls_vbak-zz_inssys = is_hdr-inspe_syst.
ls_vbak-zzgarmstyl = is_hdr-garme_styl.
ls_vbak-zzwashcare = is_hdr-wash_care.
ls_vbak-zzshipmode = is_hdr-mod_payme.
ls_vbak-zz_minrol = is_hdr-mi_role.
ls_vbak-zz_maxrol = is_hdr-max_role.
ls_vbak-zz_minpiece = is_hdr-min_piece.
ls_vbak-zz_swatches = is_hdr-wash_swat.
ls_vbak-zz_headend = is_hdr-head_end.
ls_vbak-zz_chalkmark = is_hdr-chal_mark.
ls_extensionin-structure = 'BAPE_VBAK'.
ls_extensionin-valuepart1 = ls_vbak.

ls_vbakx-zz_sortorder = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zz_light1 = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zz_light2 = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zz_testre = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zz_inssys = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zzgarmstyl = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zzwashcare = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zzshipmode = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zz_minrol = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zz_maxrol = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zz_minpiece = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zz_swatches = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zz_headend = abap_true.
ls_vbakx-zz_chalkmark = abap_true.
ls_extensioninx-structure = 'BAPE_VBAKX'.
ls_extensioninx-valuepart1 = ls_vbakx.

Please help me the solve the problem.Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

  • Oct 26, 2017 at 11:18 AM

    Read or put a break-point at start of form MOVE_EXTENSIONIN of function group 2032 (program SAPL2032) to find the error.

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