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Documents flow in Inbound Transportation Process

Oct 15, 2016 at 05:43 PM


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Hello there

I have a requirement to develop such a report that shows the main documents created during inbound shipment process. Our actual business process flow embraces the follow steps:

Create purchase order (Me21n)

Create inbound delivery (VL31n)

Create Shipment document(VT01n)

Create Shipment cost document (VI01)

Post Goods Receipt from the inbound delivery (VL32n)

Create Invoice for the freight cost as planned delivery cost (MIRO)

Supposing I intend to view the doc flow of a specific shipment cost document (ecc 6):

-> fetch shipment cost item: ok

-> Referenced shipment doc and item: ok

-> Referenced inbound delivery: ok

-> Goods Receipt material document: ok

-> Referenced Purchase Order: ok

-> Invoice payment to freight vendor as planned delivery cost: ???

How can I find the incoming invoice verified to a specific shipment cost doc? Through purchase order history it's possible to check all invoices to that particular PO, but I didn't figure out which of them is related to a specific shipment cost doc.

I appretiate any suggestion.

Best regards

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2 Answers

PRASOON AK Oct 16, 2016 at 05:15 AM


The shipment document will update in the delivery note in the material docuemnt and it will be visible in the reference docuemnt field in the PO history. Same will be visible in MIRO also, while doing invoice.

You can even do the invoice with reference to delivery note (which is nothing but the shipment number - with preceeding zeros). In addition, report VI12 can give you the shipment flow similar to VFKP table.

However, I couldnt find the SCD document number updated in PO history or invoice document. If you can not do the analysis based on the shipment number, you may check the feasibility of a query with VFKP, and EKBE or RBKP & RSEG tables.



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Former Member Oct 18, 2016 at 02:06 PM

Thanks PRASOON AK for the quick reply. In outbound shipment process it works fine, just like you described.

In our inbound transportation process, actual cost incurred for freight has to be posted to the inventory. When PGR is done from the inbound delivery, freight cost is posted to the inventory along with the material costs. Until this step, document flow works just like a charm.

After that, an invoice payment to freight vendor is created as planned delivery cost (MIRO with reference to goods PO).

I took the Invoice doc number and checked all tables you mentioned (VFKP, EKBE, EKBZ, RBKP, RSEG). It seems it's linked just to goods PO. take a look:

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