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Dec 19, 2007 at 07:15 PM

SCs split into multiple POs, duplicate POs and PO items in reverse c/ to SC



We are on SRM Server 550 SP10 ECS. We are facing the following situations intermittently in Prod. We are unable to simulate the same situation in Dev or Q environment. Again this does not happen for every SC it happens atleast once or twice in a day with a volume of few hundred shopping carts.

1) SC gets split into as many POs as SC Items. Let us say SC has 4 items, each item is created in one PO so we will have 4 POs w/ one item per PO in this example.

2) PO gets duplicated. Let us say SC has two items. Then two POs are created with identical SC items referencing the same SC

3) PO items are either jumbled or reversed in comparison to SC. Let us say in a SC you have 3 items in SC then the PO will contain items in say 3 ,2 , 1 order or 2, 3 1 order.

These POs are automaticaly created after Approval (no sourcing cockpit). The vendor, Purchasing Org, Document Type etc is same for all items in SC.

Anothe question: Once the approval of the SC happens in Workflow, the PO is automatically created via BAPI? or some job? Can anybody clarify the process that takes place from the Approval to PO creation (assuming the SC does not go to SOCO).