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Solution of Inspection Lot Creation

Dear Experts,

Here is my Question

Inspection lot creation during GR with respect to Purchase Order

Inspection type 01 set in the material master

Inspection lot will be created during GR for a Purchase order

from my understanding for every GR an inspection lot will be created

Material is batch Managed

but the requirement is lot would generate if GR qty is more than specified limit

For Instance

There is a PO for 1000 kg

I want, lot will generate if GR quantity is more than 100 KG for batch.

If quantity is less than 100 KG lot would not be generated for that batch.

can any one suggest a solution, please advise my understanding is correct

Many thanks

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2 Answers

  • Oct 17, 2016 at 04:28 PM

    There is no standard functionality for that in SAP. There might be a standard option IF you have consistent order quantities for a material.

    Here are the options that I see:

    1) inspection plans can be assigned by quantity. In the header of a plan, towards the bottom you will see an area to enter in a lot size quantity. So if you consistenly ordered some things in lot sizes of 100 KG, you could create one plan for lot size .001 to 100 KG. This lot would simply have one optional characteristic in it and would be auto UD'd for the user. So while it does create an inspection lot, no user action is required. If 100 KG's is some type of magic number for your company, many materials might be able to be assigned to this plan.

    The second plan would be for lot sizes from 100.001 to 99,999,999. This would have your required characteristics and would be selected for qtys over 100.

    The downside is that if you have a lot of materials like this, and the cut-off quantities differ from material to material, you could have a lot of plans to maintain.

    2) Requires customization: At the time the lot is created, use a user exit to compare the PO qty to the receipted qty. If receipted qty is <=100 change the plan usage to Z1 in the inspection lot. Have a plan of usage Z1 with one optional charateristic as in option 1 above. The Auto UD will process this automatically for you.


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  • Oct 17, 2016 at 06:19 PM

    Hi Craig,

    As you know I work more with enhancements, the 2nd option is what I liked the most :). For that, I think user can refer to the enhancement -

    QPL10001 QM: Inspection lot creation – editing work area on creation

    QPAP0002 Enhancement for material/plan assignment, plan selection

    The first enhancement will help to do the calculations, and the 2nd one should help in the appropriate plan assignment, as you suggested.

    Completely bypassing the creation of inspection lot for Q <100 KG for GR against PurOrd can be achieved, but I personally won't recommend it as that will introduced lots of traceability related issues. But if that is something 'Business" agrees to do, then I think they can still look into the 1st exit and add the business logic. But they should be sure about the pros and cons of having such a bling logic at GR. Is this understanding correct?



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