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Oct 25, 2017 at 07:16 AM

How to read the data,



After getting the file data from the blob by using attachment.getFileData(session), how to read the data in that file. As the file is not in local system, I am not able to use any FileReader() methods.

As this data is not in local system, I am unable to use any methods. I am getting some vague output, I am attaching it. I want to place this file data as an attachment or as a file along with its name in a path.

After uploading the file and clicking on save, I want this uploaded file to be placed in a path with its name, which I am unable to do with this filedata which I retrieved above.Experts please help me here.

docVersionBean = doc.getDocVersions().get(0);
AttachmentIfc attachment = docVersionBean.getDoc();
File fileData = attachment.getFileData(session);

I am able to send same data as an attachment in a mail notification, but I am not able to place it in a specific path.


capture123.png (529.5 kB)