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Service SRA018_SO_TRACKING_SRV failed. Contact your system administrator


When I test the app locally it runs successfully but I get error below after deploying it.

Service SRA018_SO_TRACKING_SRV failed. Contact your system administrator

The service in project settings/config is ZSRA018_SO_TRACKING_SRV_01 but when ever we push the change we keep getting the same error.

Please assist.


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  • Hi, Bheki.

    Looking into other occurrences of this error for the Track Sales Order app there should usually be a failing OData call that's associated to the error. You can check it using the developer tools from your browser (F12). One such issue was returning the error "RFC Error: User or password incorrect for target system" and so the problem was due to an incorrect logon between the frontend and backend systems.

    So please check the OData call in the network log to your service and see what response is being returned. Be aware that $batch calls often return a 200 response but the response body may contain an error. So check that as well as the HTTP response code.



  • Hi Keith,

    Yes, the service is specific to an app. I do a deployment to Cloud and launchpad (catalog, group). We have an app in ABAP Repository that we expand from of which is initially using the fiori service. we then change service URL in the configuration.js

    to our specific service.

    After all that we either commit and push or deploy to cloud and launchpad then we get the error "Service SRA018_SO_TRACKING_SRV failed. Contact your system administrator"


    config.png (10.7 kB)
  • Hi, Bheki.

    Can you provide more details on your issue? The service you mentioned is not a Fiori Launchpad service. So it's likely specific to an app or suite of apps. Also, how are you deploying the app?


    Keith Nunn
    SAP Product Support

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