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when i am entering any values in alv grid in module pool the values are converting to upper case

Oct 24, 2017 at 05:19 AM


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i have a dynamic editable alv in module pool , when i give the values and when i press "ENTER" , the fields values are converting to upper case, i do not want this. I want the same data which the user has entered.

For example : if user entered "Shift Note", then even after pressing "ENTER" I should get "Shift Note", instead of this , the value is changing to "SHIFT NOTE".

Note :

1) i have already set lower case field of field catalog .
gw_dyn_fcat-LOWERCASE = 'X'

2) I have also create a new domains for the data elements of the field with "Check" on Lower case.

Still not working...

Regards - Md Khaja Moin

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Raymond Giuseppi
Oct 24, 2017 at 05:55 AM

Could you perform an ALV Consistency check to insure the actual field catalog is correct, look for lower case and also for any conversion-exit?

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I did consistency check, there were no inconsistencies....
i found that field catalog table in Consistency check, the Lower case field is blank....

But during debbugging , the lower case field are set i.e., 'X'.

consistency.png (51.5 kB)
debugging.png (30.8 kB)

The ALV didn't receive your lowercase flag. Was the flag set too late or overwritten from ddic (*) or from an old variant (**)

The behavior of the ALV, convert input to uppercase is consistent if not wanted.

(*) You wrote that you defined data element on a domain with lowercase, no domain/data element visible in your field catalog

(**) Try to refresh ALV buffer with report BALVBUFDEL to eliminate this possibility.