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Dec 18, 2007 at 10:05 PM

Java Add-in installation on a heterogeneous distributed system



NW700 on windows2003 64bit

ORA 10g on AIX

Java Add-in Installation steps:

Step 1: Installation of SCS on widnows -> OK

Step 2: Installation Java DI on Unix -> NOK

Step 3: Installation of Java CI on windows -> not yet executed

During step2 sapinst asks me for the profile directory. There is no possibility to skip this step, however on the unix host there are no SAP profiles available, just the database is running on it. I decided to copy simply the complete Windows

profile directory to /sapmnt/<SID>/profile2. (This usually helps eg.: during database export) Sapinst checks the profiles and tells: "Profile parameter rdisp/msserv_internal is not set in the SCS61/<SID> on host <windows host>"

This is NOT TRUE. The SCS profile contains rdisp/msserv = 0 and rdisp/msserv_internal = XXXX. The ports are also free.

Distributed heterogeneous installations are not documented, and sapinst is also not able to handle this kind of installations correctly (for example DB export, you always have to trick something).

I tried to edit hte keydb.xml (YES instead of NO)

<fld name="haveProfiles">


<property name ="CHANGEABLE" value ="YES" />

<property name ="CONTEXT_PARAM_CHANGEABLE" value ="YES" />





Without success. I cannot understand why the sapinst needs the SCS profile during a database dump import. It has nothing to do with sap, this is just a DB import, and only R3trans and the name of the DB is needed, like during a simple ABAP import.

Can somebody help me?