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Dec 18, 2007 at 08:38 PM

Need a user exit before material substitution executes in VA01, 02


My client has a unique need in SAP AFS. When entering an order, they have material substituion turned on and they want it to always execute. The problem is that we have a custom FM that must execute prior to material substitution - it will determine the material first and then material substitiion should use THAT material to detemine if it needs to substitue a material/grid. I have put break points in every exit I could find in the SAPMV45A exits. The one I would normally use is in MV45AFZZ for changes for VBAP, VBEP, etc. - but no matter what exit I put a break in for debugging (to see when it is called during order entry) - material substituion always executes first. yes, the exit for VBAK executes prior to material substition but that is at the header - I need the order lines. Also note that we are talking about the UPC/EAN tab - we are entering a UPC code and that gets the material/grids we need - this is not on the normal order line screen.

Does anyone have any ideas?

As always - points for helpful answers.