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Dec 18, 2007 at 07:54 PM

SPAM IMPORT Queue status: RUN_SPAU_?


Dear Guru's

my system is ECC 5.0 (IDES) , Oracle 9.2.1, window 2003server

when i applied support package KB64010.CAR which is BASIS patch,

the status of the queue shows:

SPAM status: center triangle with yellow color, (modif.Adujst)

Import phase : RUN_SPAU_?

1) giving the above message, can anybody pls tell me what does it mean,?

2) what is the further step that i need to take.?

3) what r the phases in Implementing support packs.?

4) Can u just tell me exact way of applying support packages.

pls its very urgent,

points rewarded for soon reply..