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Dec 18, 2007 at 04:18 PM

Printing CMC7 on IBM Infoprint 1532



We are setting up ECC 6.0 on iSeries V5R4 and have a problem

Now, we have iSeries applications which print MICR CMC7 characters on an Infoprint 1532 printer without problems. It is configured as IPDS/AFP

From SAP we are unable to print CMC7 characters, we have tried following oss 133.660, using the printer as it is defined for iSeries app. (IPDS/AFP) and, in SAP, device type IBMNP without success. We have defined it as a non IPDS emulated printer (emulating 3812, host print transform, *INFOPRINT1500) and, in SAP, device type HP5MI, HPLJMI, SAPSCS, ..., without success

We opened a SAP message and were told to use device type SAPGOF and buy a converter to transform to IPDS. We have been told that the sw is Infoprint Manager with SAP peature. Its price is quite high

We think that if we can print CMC7 from iSeries without problems, we should be able to print CMC7 from SAP

We think many customers must be printing CMC7 or, at least MICR characters from SAP on iSeries, it must not be too difficult nor expensive, but can't find how to do and now we are quite hurry

Is it possible to print CMC7 on an Infoprint 1532 without any other sw? If not which printer or kind of printer should we use?

How should we define the printer on the iSeries and on SAP?

Any oss note we should follow?

Thanks in advance, Ximo Escobedo