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Oct 26, 2017 at 03:13 PM

Moving Inspected Materials to Dock-to-Stock


I have been tasked with moving a lot of legacy materials to dock-to-stock; the aim being to cut inspection on materials we have no history of non-conformances with / excellent supply reliability.

We have deactivated the materials in MM02, unchecking 'preferred' & 'active' tabs, deleting the inspection type entirely, and ensuring that the 'post to inspection stock' tab is unchecked.

All of the materials we have moved have also been removed from their old inspection plans in QP02.

A problem remains, though, in that the materials are still triggering into the quality Q on receipt.

Can anybody help with what we're NOT doing so far that would make a material truly dock-to-stock, with no Q function being triggered, nor any unnecessary manual transactions?