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Create dynamic folder structure in Azure blob storage

Oct 25, 2017 at 03:45 PM


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I have the following requirement. I upload data with BODS into an Azure blob storage. According to their processing time, the files shall be put into folders. The folder structure should look like this:

TABLE/year (YYYY)/ month (MM)/ day (DD)/ hour (hh)

I already found the remote path prefix option in the file location, but there it is not possible to use any variables (or I don't know how).

We are building a workaround with a power shell script which will upload the files. Meaning, we are not using the file location of BODS anymore.

I really would like to have a solution inside BODS. Do I miss something?

Thanky in advance.

Best regards

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1 Answer

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Former Member Apr 16 at 07:03 AM

I know this may be a bit late but you could generate and execute a BODS command line script to generate the directory and load using AZCOPY. Sure you will use a normal BODS file location to stage the file, but the dynamic directory creation can then be done from inside BODS using variable when you generate the AZCOPY command. Just a thought :-)

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